Kids Clubhouse & Academy


11335 N Garnett

Owasso, OK 74055

(918) 371-5545

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Kelle F. July 15, 2008 My kids love their teachers!! and Carey, the director ROCKS!! ★★★★★ We moved here in 2006, by April 2007 I had to return to work. Finding daycare, good daycare, is scary. We didn't have that luck from the state we moved from. Carey is a total blessing to us. My daughter was 2 when she started here and is going on 4. My son was 5. The teachers are loving and caring and truly care for children. My kids love to hug Miss Carey and all the staff there. We are truly blessed to have them available to truly love and care for our kids. I go to work knowing my children are safe, loved, and in great hands. I can't say good enough things about them all.



A M. June 09, 2009
This place is wonderful!!! ★★★★★

Our son was kicked out of It's A Small World because of "behavior issues", throwing fits, running from teachers, hitting I had to find a new day-care for him. Carey at Kids Clubhouse was so understanding when I told her about our situation with our son. She listened to me talk about the issues we'd been having with him, and our experience with the other day-care and promised to work with us regarding our son. It's only been a few days since he's been there, but I have NEVER seen my son actually excited to go to day-care before, NEVER! He actually rushed ME out the door this morning...I just couldn't believe it. The staff there has such a different attitude towards our son, they praise him for using his words in difficult situations, and they (the staff) actually seem happy to be there themselves. At Small World it never felt like the staff really were happy to be there...the two places are like night and day!!! At this point, we couldn't be happier with Kids Clubhouse & Carey Roberts and her staff.
Edited: Our son has been at this day care for almost a year now and WE LOVE IT THERE!!!! He's so happy there and the staff is great...we so appreciate their hard work and patience. Our son has absolutely thrived in their care, he's made friends, he has fun, and he looks forward to going there. Such a pleasant change from our previous experience.



Kathleen H. August 04, 2008
Caring for kiddles! ★★★★★

After pulling our daughter from another daycare facility, I was dreading the transition to a different daycare - for her AND for me. The staff at Kid's Clubhouse made this an EASY choice. My little kiddle is well cared for and has plenty of fun things to report every day. The biggest plus for me, is that I am so comfortable dropping her there every day. I know she will be safe, happy and completely pooped when I pick her up! They have a great rapport with the kids and are very attentive to them all.



Tiffany S. July 24, 2008
Owasso's BEST ★★★★★

My four year old had some behavior problems due to some really bad learned behaviors from a previous Owasso care center. Carey (the owner) worked with us because she really cares about each of these kids!! This is no longer a daycare for my son, but a second home. We are both so happy! I have never been this happy and comfortable with a child care facility before!!!And I gotta add they are doing the neatest projects!! I love seeing what is brought home and listening to my child sing his ABC's (even if not 100% accurate yet), and doing finger plays. He's never expressed any interest in any of these things before. You can't beat the care your child will get Kid's Clubhouse!!!!



Monica C. July 17, 2008
Excellent Daycare Services ★★★★★

Our family moved from Oologah to Collinsville and finding a good daycare for my 4 year old daughter was a big challenge. Luckly we found Kid's Clubhouse and Academy the place is great, the director is very nice and the teachers are excellent. Our daughter loves to go there for the first time she actually gets up early by herself so she can go to school. We are so greatful that there are places like this in our area. Thank you Kid's Clubhouse and Academy for an excellent job well done.



Dee A. February 12, 2008
Fun, Fun, Fun ★★★★☆

My son Quentin has been attending Kids Clubhouse & Academy for about 4 months now for the drop in service (he's in PM Kindergarten). He LOVES it! The teachers are always upbeat and friendly. He used to wake up on Saturdays wanting to go. When he doesn't have to go, he'd rather wake up early and go than sleep in at home for PM kindergarten.



jennifer s. January 25, 2008
finally happy ★★★★★

My daughter has been going to the clubhouse as we call it for a couple weeks and she is so happy, her teachers are great with her and very productive with her throughout the day. She plays and learns at the same time. I get a paper at the end of the day to let me know what she did and when she did it, it's great there I'm sad I didn't find it sooner we are all finally happy.



Jay m. January 20, 2008
The Best in Town ★★★★☆

My child has be attending this facilities for about 6mounths now. Kids clubhouse is a wonderful place to take your children. They were willing to work with my child flows. May I say my child is not the easiest. Also the staff their is fantastic, They are will to work with my hours, They are so great with working with the kids. Also the center is very will kept. My son loves it their, he has learns so much form their curriculum. Thank You Kids Clubhouse!!!!



Joy F. October 17, 2007
Great Facility ★★★★☆

My daughter is 3 and has been at this facility for just over a month. She loves the teachers and the activities. She is learning more and more everyday and genuinely likes it here. They serve a varied lunch so the kids just aren't eating macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets every day. The teachers answer any questions I have and the facility seems to be very clean. She hasn't gotten sick once while she's been here. She was always sick at the other place we had her.